Think You Can’t Lose Weight? You’re right.

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you say you can’t, you’re right.” When we think something whether positive or negative, true or false, our subconscious mind takes it as fact. So if you think you can’t lose weight, that your weight will always be a struggle, then your subconscious mind will make sure your actions and habits support that belief.

You will never be able to change your habits and lifestyle to support a healthy weight until you believe that you can.

Why is that? It’s because your daily habits and lifestyle choices are supporting your negative belief. For instance, do you skip exercise more often than not? Do you make unhealthy food choices? Do you eat too much sugar or junk food? Do you eat too much processed foods? Do you eat many fruits or vegetables? Are your portion sizes too big?

If your current habits support a negative belief, then why not establish habits that support the belief that you will lose weight?

Change your habits, change your beliefs.

Start small. Think of some super small habits you could start today to support your desired belief of being able to lose weight and keep it off. Add one or two tiny positive habits to your repertoire. Once you’ve made those a habit, expand on them or add another.

Pretty soon, your habits will have you believing that you can lose weight and attaining a healthy weight will be easy.

4 thoughts on “Think You Can’t Lose Weight? You’re right.”

  1. Sometimes we do need to change behavior to begin to believe in ourselves. And then sometimes we have to dig deep and ask those hard questions, like why doesn’t someone believe they can lose weight/ be healthy/ feel better? It’s tough business trudging through the negativity in our own minds. So many people need someone like you to motivate them. Internal motivation is not something many are born with. Keep it up!!!

    1. Thank you! And sometimes I need my own cheerleader to follow me around and shower me with positive thoughts! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

    1. Mindset is everything. And extra important during these crazy times we’re going through right now.

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