Thank God it’s…Monday? Seriously?

Now, before you think I’m Little Mary Sunshine who pops out of bed each morning with a smile on my face and is full of energy, let me put your mind at ease. That is so not me. I don’t even particularly like Mondays. It’s my busiest day in my day job. I get there early, stay there late.


Monday is the first day of the week. A new beginning. Kind of like a mini Happy New Year every seven days. Just as many of us set New Years resolutions, with goals and objectives to meet over the coming year, the same thing happens to me every Monday. It’s a new week to stick to my diet, to stick to my exercise plan, to meet my weekly page quota, whatever.

Mondays are the day to start over. I look over my calendar from last week and see all the things I didn’t do, all the items on my To Do list I didn’t cross off. It makes me feel kinda depressed and mad at myself for being under productive. But today is a fresh start. My To Do list is unblemished—all those items are just begging me to check them off. And this week, it’s going to be different.

Mondays are my day to say, “THIS week, I’m actually going to…”

So, tell me, what are you going to accomplish this week?

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  1. Linda Drechsler

    We have guest so it’s hard to work out on this boat, but I’m walking about 3 miles a day when we are on land. Soon I will start my on boat routine.
    Thanks for sharing this🤗🤗😊

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