Write. Move. Live.

It doesn’t matter if you write full time or part time. It’s hard on your body, sitting at the computer with probably less than perfect posture (me included). Your back, neck, shoulders, hands and wrists take a beating every time you sit down to write. Heck, your eyes probably even get tired.

With this in mind, at Author Fitness you’ll find tips and suggestions to make your body feel a little better. I’ll show you simple exercises to do at your desk, and if you want a bit more, I’ll show you how to get fitter away from the computer as well.

My plan is to post a blog each week with information that will help you with your mental or physical fitness as a writer.

Why listen to me?

Since 2003, I’ve worked as a personal fitness trainer. I make a living helping people just like you get fitter and healthier. I’m not a body builder or a fitness nut. I’m just a normal, busy person who doesn’t want to spend hours in a gym or the kitchen to get healthy.

I’m passionate about helping people find balance in their lives through simple life and nutritional changes plus movement.

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